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An Act of Kindness 


'People who have greater exposure to green space have a range of more favourable outcomes. Greener environments are also associated with better mental health and wellbeing outcomes, including reduced levels of depression, anxiety, and fatigue, and enhanced quality of life for both children and adults.'

Improving Access to Green Space, A New Review for 2020, Public Health England.

Spending time in nature is beneficial to everyone's health and wellbeing, and this Act of Kindness gifts a child, young person or adult time and space in a session outdoors. GROW-Wellbeing aims to provide opportunities for a range of people - children, young people and adults - within our communities on Merseyside - including some of the most disadvantaged.

Donating to GROW-Wellbeing, through an 'Act of Kindness' will enable us to reach out to many more families across the community, who may really benefit from engaging in activities in the natural environment to benefit their health and wellbeing.


These may include families referred to GROW from the GP/ Social Prescribing service, Looked after Children, Children and Young People referred to CAMHS, Nurture Groups and Pupil Referral Units, BAME groups and Refugees and Asylum seekers.


We will keep records of all who have made 'An Act of Kindness', and will notify when a place/s have been gifted. We would like to publish the names of all who have gifted, however, if you wish to keep your purchase anonymous, your details will not be published.


To 'pay it forward' by making an 'Act of Kindness', please go to our booking page by clicking the button below


for all other enquiries about donations,

please contact:

Duane Chong, Programme Director,

mob 07841 753309

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