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Stay 'n' Play


GROW responded to a plea from a local registered childminder who was enthusiastic about being able to attend Forest School sessions with the children that she cares for during the week. Being well networked, the childminder said that a number of other 'minders were also keen to attend forest sessions with their toddlers, but that as they work from home and mostly work on their own, they don't have the resources to provide forest school learning environments in a way that schools or nurseries are able to.

GROW started planning to put sessions specifically for childminders in place, and, after consulting with a wide group of childminders, have scheduled sessions on alternate Wednesday and Thursday mornings from the start of the Autumn term 2018.


As always, GROW recommends regular attendance at Forest School sessions to enable children to develop a real connection with the natural environment and familiarity with the woods, resources, and people! Hopefully Wirral childminders will continue their love affair with the forest and we'll be able to maintain the group through the coming seasons!

You can see for yourself in the gallery above how the young children attending have engaged and connected with the woods!

*GROW childminder sessions are very popular and well attended. If you find that there are no available spaces to book, and are interested in attending regular childminder forest learning sessions, please contact GROW here and we will notify you of spaces as they become available.

If there's sufficient interest, we may even set up another group!

Balancing on a log & making a Seesaw!

A lovely moment from our Childminder stay’n’play’ sessions.

Balancing on an uneven log, this little boy asked whether the log could be made into a seesaw... after some shared thinking and co-construction, a seesaw was created.... and after an initial bumpy trial, with a friend, it worked quite well, don’t you think?  💚 😊

Facebook reviews and comments -


This is a fabulous session for childminders, I attended on Wednesday 26th September. I am looking forward to working together to gain a level one for Forest School activities.

We had a great time this morning all children are fast asleep now 😁 we will see you in 2 weeks time!

We all had a fab time today thank you excited for the next sessions

'👍 such a brilliant day ... cannot thank you enough... all the minders agree is way great 👍'


'Just an amazing day at forest school ... the children all did amazing and were really engaged.. makes all the planning worth while' 

'it was lovely to watch the children today, they are really gaining in confidence as they get used to the environment.  They got so much out of today's session and it was great that it was so child-led, the children loved having the freedom to explore and were full of great ideas!’.

Are you a registered childminder and would like to bring your toddlers to Forest School Stay 'n' Play sessions?

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