A morning of woodland activities, mindfulness and herbal medicine-making. A collaboration between Leigh-Anne Jones (Anchor Family Wellbeing & Relax Kids Wirral), Zoe Blackwell (Medical Herbalist) and Duane (GROW-Wellbeing).


Suitable for families with children 5 years and up. Price: £27.00 per parent/ carer and child ticket. Additional Parent/carer ticket £15.00. Discount for additional child (5 and over) £10.00.


We will provide techniques and skills to inspire living closer to nature, enhance spiritual and emotional well-being, confidence and self-esteem. 


Leigh-Anne will lead the mindfulness workshop following the Relax Kids seven step relaxation technique which includes; 

movement for energy and play for creativity, fun and social interaction; 

exercises for balance and strength; 

simple massage for empathy and respect; 

breathing techniques for stress and anxiety reduction and ending with affirmations for positivity and self-esteem and story visualisation for deep relaxation. 


Forest school activities will be led by Duane including:

learning and practising fire-starting skills, with success enhancing personal self-esteem; 

shelter building using loose natural resources, learning knots, critical thinking and problem solving and campfire snack making.


Zoe will be teaching a herbal medicine-making class which includes;

A herb walk with plant identification and gathering,

Making and tasting a herbal tea, 

Making a first aid balm together, and taking home a sample of what is made.

Promoting a connection to plants as a safe and effective medicine.


All in a beautiful woodland setting allowing space and freedom for true self-expression and creativity, connecting as a community, grounding ourselves in the present moment and strengthening our connection with the beauty of nature emerging around us.

Bookings subject to our standard terms and conditions: Participants complete bookings on the understanding that they have read and agreed to the terms and conditions. All participants should wear appropriate clothing for the outdoor environment. eg. Warm waterproof coats and trousers, if possible, should be worn, together with wellies or sturdy waterproof boots or shoes.

Family Well-Being in the Woods