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Forest School Leader Level 3

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AIM Qualifications Level 3
Certificate for Forest School Leaders

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About the training 

The Level 3 Certificate in Forest School Leadership will qualify and equip you to research, deliver and evaluate a dynamic programme of Forest School Sessions in your setting. Many find the course a revelatory experience. It can be a chance to renew and reinvigorate your teaching practice and deepen your connection with nature.

There is an increasing recognition of the value of outdoor learning amongst teachers, parents, policy makers and of course learners themselves.

Learners who struggle most in classrooms find Forest School to be an arena of success.

Opportunities for self-directed learning and closer observation of learners can reveal otherwise hidden characteristics and abilities.

Valuable to people working with young people and adults in a diverse range of disciplines, including counselling and therapeutic services, nature wellbeing and community horticulture.

Course overview 

8 face-to-face teaching days

Completion of a written portfolio


You will cover in depth the five units of the specification. Ecology, learning theory, planning and delivery are explored and explained in a range of practical and academic sessions.

84 hours of self-study time,  which may usually be completed over 3-6 months. 

Plan and deliver a programme of 6 pilot forest school sessions to the same group of children (or other participants) with one of the sessions being observed by one of the course assessors.

Following the taught dimension of the course, a member of Grow-Wellbeing training team will be nominated to offer you the tutorial and mentoring support you need to complete and submit your portfolio and a member of our assessment team will observe your pilot delivery sessions. As your pilot sessions will need to be covered by insurance, we recommend that they be carried out within an established organisation or school. If you are not already working or volunteering in a school/ nursery/ community organisation which can offer this opportunity, we can help you to find a suitable placement.


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Learn in a supportive and nourishing atmosphere as a community of learning, true to the forest school ethos.⁠

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Demonstrate a number of practical skills - knots, fire lighting, shelter making, campfire cooking, tool use and more. ⁠

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Taught by talented, passionate and experienced professionals in the industry.

Payment plans available 

The full course cost is £995.00


 A deposit is required to secure your place, though full payment is due if the course start date is within 30 days.


 If you are unable to meet the cost of the course in full right away, an arrangement may be made for course fees to be paid in instalments by Direct Debit.

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Forest School Leader Level 3

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