Kinder Garden Stay 'n' Play sessions


We came to the Saturday Kinder Garden session two weeks ago and had a wonderful time. I love how relaxed the group is and there’s no pressure on little ones to do something structured, rather just explore and enjoy their surroundings. So looking forward to the next one 😍

Charlotte Nugent 21 November 2018 via Facebook

Attending forest sessions regularly helps children to develop a connectedness with the natural world, to play and learn without the restrictions that everyday life can sometimes bring, increases their confidence, self-esteem and overall wellbeing.

One of the key principles of 'Forest School' is that children attend sessions regularly, develop a familiarity with the woodland site, with the forest school leaders and feel comfortable in following their own interests, building on their experiences session by session. GROW's experience of providing regular sessions for registered Childminders young children over the past year really supports this, with so many of the children showing genuine awareness of the natural environment and building confidence in so many areas of their development. 


This GROW-Wellbeing programme of Kinder Garden sessions provides opportunities for your babies and toddlers to connect with nature, supporting their physical and emotional development, and offering opportunities for play, learning, exploration, discovery, creativity and risk taking. Take a walk in the woods, engage in child-led play, mud kitchen play, sensory learning and development, with a range of resources and activities, and finish the session off with toasted marshmallow/fruit on the campfire! 

There are now two plans to choose from:

  • Regular Kinder Garden Plan, which  is priced at £36 for 6 consecutive fortnightly sessions for each baby/ toddler and their adult carer.

  • Flexi Kinder Garden Plan, which gives you control of which sessions you want to book onto, either Wednesday and/or Saturday sessions, and not losing out on a session when you go on holiday or have other commitments (terms and conditions apply).

As a guide, this programme suitable for children 12 months to 4 years. 

Timing of each session: 10.00am - 11.30am.


Sessions may include a sensory walk through our woodland area, touching, feeling, looking and listening whilst collecting and interacting with trees, leaves and insects (and other adults and children). 


The session is unhurried but responsive to the needs and interests of your little ones - the mud kitchen area is always popular, but there are lots of other resources, natural and brought,  and there is always something for them to engage with, including just 'being' in the woods!


The Woodland Glade at Tam O'Shanter Farm in Bidston provides a natural and magical inspiration for your little ones to play, learn, discover, explore, investigate, have fun, take risks and develop a love of the natural world.

We hope to see you one of our Kinder Garden sessions soon!

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