Supporting the Development of Forest School in Primary Schools

Case Study 1

GROW delivered a programme of sessions for Foundation Stage children in the woodland area at one Wirral Primary School. Evaluating the sessions, the class Teacher said:


'This has been a fabulous experience for our F2 and we thank you. It has kick started us to consider how this area can be managed long term, how to develop the area for the future and how we can use the area purposefully as an outdoor learning space.'

'It has been great to cover so much of the EYFS curriculum outdoors and I can see the potential for other areas of learning to be incorporated too.'

'We have been able to make observations on how the children have responded which has been added to their individual learning journeys giving parents the opportunity to share in what they have been learning too.'


'Calum [name changed] has a diagnosis of autism and has quite rigid play behaviours around trains and he will take this play into different areas of learning but it was very good to see another interest developing [due to his engagement in Forest school] with his attention to the dandelions – flowers and then the seed heads.'

Would you like GROW to help with the development of your Forest school provision?

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