Women's Wellbeing Workshops (in the Woods)

Over the last 18 months, the Callister Trust have been re-developing their secret walled garden in Oxton that had been left untended for over 15 years.  GROW-Wellbeing has been a close collaborator: volunteering time, energy and support to help the Callister Trust realise their ambition to develop their beautiful garden into a facility that can provide opportunities for the local community to access gardening, nature-connection, growing fruit and vegetables, and enhance their holistic health and wellbeing.

Following facilitation of a number of successful Family Woodland Workshops, the Callister Trust asked GROW-Wellbeing to deliver two Women's Wellbeing workshops at the garden in October 2019, including a warming campfire lunch for all participants. Other elements of the workshop included weaving a 'godseye', yoga, and befriending a tree!

The feedback from participants was hugely positive, with many expressing how contained and supported they felt during the workshop, with one saying how 'transformative' it had been for her. 

'Grow Together in the Callister Garden’

In September 2020, following the first covid-19 national lockdown, the Callister Trust asked GROW again to deliver a wellbeing workshop in the Callister Garden for a group of women as part of ‘Grow Together in the Callister Garden’:  a project working with refugees and asylum seekers alongside the garden’s local volunteers. Click the button below to read the evaluation report:

'What I like the most was the presence of women with beautiful hearts and charming smiles.' 

(asylum seeker attendee)

If you would like more information

about how GROW can provide a

Wellbeing workshop for your group, 

please email: contact@grow-wellbeing.com

or call: 07841 753309

For more information about the Callister Trust Garden - who are always looking for volunteers - see their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/callistertrust/

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