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Woodland workshops for Adults

All of Grow's work is delivered within the context of respect for the natural environment and of the individual participating. This means we value each person for who and what they are and what they bring.

Wood carving club

Join us every other Tuesday for a fortnightly woodcarving experience that will provide you with opportunities to learn new woodcraft skills, interact with others in a supportive and enjoyable social environment.

Wood carving can encourage a meditative absorption, as well as helping to create a sense of purpose and self-worth as you craft your own design.⁠ It can be a peaceful and rewarding hobby that allows you to escape the pressures of daily life and connect with nature in a unique way.⁠

The sessions will provide participants with opportunities for learning new woodcraft skills such as spoon carving, spatulas and bowls.

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Held by Nature Workshop

Experience the transformative effect of simply being in and connecting fully with nature without agenda or goal.


During this 2-hour experience you will be invited to engage in a number of practices that will cultivate mindfulness through connection to nature. Immerse yourself in the woodland as you tune into your senses through grounding meditation practice.

Using the principles of Forest Bathing (Shinrin -Yoku) you will be led through a number of invitations to practice connecting to nature such as exploring nature’s textures, befriending a tree and a slow mindful walk through the woods. The session will conclude with a foraged tea ceremony around the fire.

Various dates at Bidston Hill Woodland

Spoon carving experience

In this 3-hour workshop you will be guided through the stages of carving a spoon from a prepared blank to a completed spoon you can take home with you.

This is an opportunity to experience and become skilled in the use of specialist carving tools, learning safe and efficient ways of using a carving blade and crook knives as you shape your spoon.

Date: Wednesday 12th June 5pm-8pm at Bidston Hill Woodland

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