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Woodland sessions at 
Bidston Hill

All of Grows work is delivered within the context of respect for the natural environment and of the individual participating. This means we value each child for who and what they are and what they bring.

Home Ed Explorers 

A drop-off forest school programme for home educated, flexi-schooled, independent children and young people aged 5-14 years old. The programme sessions will provide opportunities for problem solving, building friendships, risk & challenge, learning new skills, learning about the natural environment and free play, all in a safe, managed environment.

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Forest Kinder Garden

Grow-Wellbeing recognises that learning begins at birth, and the key role that parents play as the child’s first educators.


The sessions offer opportunities for play, learning, language acquisition, exploration, discovery, creativity and risk taking, supporting children’s social, emotional and physical development. 

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