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New Forest Bathing Walk (for adults)


Feeling stressed, overloaded and drained from daily demands?

Want to slow down and deepen your connection to nature?


Then ‘Forest Bathing’ is the perfect antidote! Join Grow-Wellbeing and a certified forest bathing guide for a morning of nature connection.

To Forest Bathe means to bathe in the atmosphere of the forest, so contrary to the suggestion in the title, no swimsuit is required!. During a Forest Bathing Experience, you will be gently guided into the heart of the woods and invited to immerse yourself fully in nature using all of your senses. You will be offered various invitations (or activities) to connect with Nature through simple mindfulness exercises, specifically designed to help support you to be more present and connect with the natural world around you, establishing a deep connection with the forest and its wildlife.  The session will finish with a gathering around the fire for a tea ceremony.


Scientifically proven to have numerous physical and mental health benefits including reduced stress, lowered blood pressure, increased creativity, and restored mental energy.

Forest bathing or ‘shinrin-yoku’ as it is known in Japan, is a wellbeing and nature connection practice. It simply means taking in nature using all of your senses and it does not involve any swimming!


Invest in your wellbeing in the beautiful woodlands of Bidston Hill and allow yourself time to switch off from the busyness of life, to relax, reset and reenergise.


GROW-Wellbeing C.I.C. is a socially trading organisation that delivers creative, personally affirmative opportunities for children, young people and adults to engage in activities in the natural environment

Our mission is to support healthy communities,  strongly connected to the natural environment.To achieve this, we deliver programmes aimed at building relationships between people, with a commitment to diversity and inter-generational co-operation, and the natural world.

Using forest learning, creative arts, storytelling, nature studies, outdoor adventures, games, play and eco-therapy, we aim to support the growth and development of resilient children and young people, committed to the future stewardship of the natural environment. 

Work with GROW

We are hiring!

Grow is expanding and seeking experienced and skilled nature-connected practitioners, whether forest school, horticulturists or nature therapists, to join our team and support our growth. 

for more information and to apply, click below


Volunteer with GROW

Volunteers at GROW earn valuable experience and develop their Forest learning, horticultural and arts and craft skills and proficiency, with our experienced staff.

GROW staff are a community of mentors and avid learners. If you’re looking to learn new skills and knowledge about nature, learning and working with children, young people and adults, there is no better place!

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