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Kelly Kettle


We use Kelly Kettles because of their efficiency, portability and robustness.

The sensitive gathering of fuel from the woodland promotes a more observant relationship with the environment.


The base camp model is the work horse of the range.

In any weather, it will boil 1. 6 litres of water in minutes from kindling or foraged twigs.


We supply the stainless steel model which is much more robust for a minimal weight penalty.


A Green Whistle stopper is included with this Kettle and will let you know when the water has boiled.


Choose the Kelly Kettle Ultimate Kit to allow you to cook as well as boil water. Acessories included: multifunctional support which can elevate the base from sensitive ground, enable cooking on the fire base, and sit on the chimney to support a small pan for rapid cooking. Flat Packs for easy storage. 


Note: If cooking on top of the kettle using the support, the kettle must always be FULL WITH WATER. Never use the kettle without water nor allow it to boil dry as it will overheat the inner chimney and may ruin the Kettle.


Best for: Prolonged use, rapid and efficient boiling of water, involving groups in fire lighting, portability.

Kelly Kettle: Basecamp Stainless Steel 1.6l Capacity

  • Product Information.

    • Dimensions 33cm tall (packed).
    • Capacity 1.6l
    • Weight Only weighs 1.16 kg

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