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The Petromax Kuksa is a traditional wooden cup: It was used as a drinking vessel, to eat from or as a container in which to collect berries. The special feature of the Petromax Kuksa is the continuous, horizontal handle which enables you to keep a secure hold of it, sip after sip. You can attach the Kuksa to your belt or rucksack by the leather loop, so it is always conveniently to hand.


The Kuksa is the ideal item of equipment on outdoor adventures because it is so versatile. It can be used as a cup, for soup or as a serving dish – with a capacity of 200 ml you can even use it as a ladle or measuring cup. This genuine bushcraft cup is easy to use and highly durable. You will be able to enjoy it as part of your outdoor activities for many years to come.


Originally the owner carved their own Kuksa from birch using just a few tools such as a knife and axe and added a piece of reindeer antler and a leather strap. According to tradition, the Kuksa was never washed but simply rinsed in a stream or lake. The olive wood has the benefit that it is scratch-resistant, hygienic, impervious to acids and absorbs no odours – making it the ideal equipment for adventures. Due to the oil wax finish you don't have to treat the Petromax Kuksa with salt or ground coffee and can use it immediately.


These Kuksa cups are hand-made by Petromax in Germany from the wood of the Olea europaea tree. The olive trees are felled because the olives can no longer be harvested – making sustainable use of a resource in production. The oil wax finish applied at the end of the manufacturing process means that the cup will last for a long time and is always ready for its next use outdoors. The striking engraving of the Petromax dragon logo gives each Kuksa a special touch with its very individual grain.


Caring for your olive wood Kuksa:
You can rinse your Kuksa in the traditional way using just stream water – or use gentle detergent and clean water. Dry it thoroughly after use. When required, you can apply a thin film of high-quality olive oil. Highly coloured liquids such as blackberry juice or red wine may stain the Kuksa.



  • Traditional Kuksa shape for a cup 
  • Hand-made in Germany
  • Sustainable as made from old olive trees that have been felled
  • Food-safe and highly durable due to oil wax finish
  • Practical leather loop to hang it by


  • Material: Olive wood with oil wax finish
    Dimensions (H x W x D): 6.5 x 14 x 9 cm
    Weight: 175 g
    Filling quantity (max.): 200 ml

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